Skatepark fact-finding mission

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A GROUP of Carnoustie youths visited two skateparks recently as part of a fun fact-finding mission.

The 18 BMX and skateboard enthusiasts travelled to Scotland’s largest outdoor skatepark at Saughton, Edinburgh, and also made an unscheduled stop at Perth skatepark last weekend.

The trip was organised by the committee for Carnoustie’s proposed skatepark as an opportunity for the bikers and skaters to develop their ideas for their own park.

Poor weather at Saughton forced the park to close to the public, but also gave them a chance to visit Perth skatepark as a comparison.

Bob Bell, chairman of Carnoustie skatepark committee, said: “We wanted to give the kids the opportunity to see Saughton skatepark, the biggest and one of the best outdoor skateparks on offer in Scotland.

“When we come to developing a detailed design they will have had this experience to help them decide what features they would most like to have in their own skatepark.

“We hadn’t planned to visit two skateparks in the one day, but actually it was a bonus to the group to be able to try out Perth as well, as it is nearer to the size we would like for Carnoustie.”

The campaign to raise funds for the skatepark is still ongoing and has attracted support from Angus Council.

Mr Bell said: “We are enjoying great support on all fronts, especially from our local councillors and council officials.

“The council has now pledged £30,000 towards the cost of the skatepark and we have just submitted our formal application to the council for the use of a piece of land adjacent to the leisure centre.

“We are very confident the council will vote in favour of our application when it comes to the approval committee.

“The next stage of our campaign is to secure the major part of the funding required from SportScotland and we have now started discussions with them.”