SLIDESHOW: Making a splash to see in 2013

LOCAL people in Carnoustie and Broughty Ferry welcomed in 2013 with a huge splash.

Both towns held their annual New Year’s Day dooks with hundreds of people taking to the water for a cold and wet start to the new year.

In Carnoustie, the local rugby club held their traditional dip near to the clubhouse on Links Parade with some opting to carry out the stunt in fancy dress.

Club president Chris Ayres kicked off the proceedings with the traditional punt of the rugby ball into the sea.

Lewis Thoms was the first to retrieve the ball from the freezing waters and was awarded the club’s Dook Trophy.

A crowd of supporters also gathered at the beach to cheer on the dookers and all proceeds raised at the event were donated to the Carnoustie First Responders.

And luckily for the dookers, they were all welcomed back into the clubhouse after the event for a bowl of warming soup.

Meanwhile in Broughty Ferry, around 430 brave dookers took a bracing dip in the chilly waters which had a temperature of just two degrees centigrade.

The Broughty dook, which has run since 1891 has never been cancelled regardless of the weather conditions.

Organisers Ye Amphibious Ancients Bathing Association led the participants down the slipway into the freezing waters alongside David Philp of Gillies and John Black of the Fort.

Broughty Ferry 2013 New Year's Day dook.

Broughty Ferry 2013 New Year's Day dook.

It is hoped the event will have raised thousands of pounds for various charities.