SLIDESHOW: View through the Round ‘O’ at Glamis

Arbroath’s contribution to this year’s Glamis Gathering provided a stage to promote the best the town has to offer visitors.

The marquee was the work of a sub-committee of the Royal Burgh of Arbroath Community Council who put together a celebration of the groups, artists, businesses and musicians active in the town.

With only a few months to plan James Shephard-Blythe and the committee settled on a theme of visitor participation which led to the community art project entitled ‘A view through the Round ‘O’.

The organisers wished to thank all the contributors to the Arbroath marquee, in particular Tartan Artisan Steven Patrick Sim and joiner Dougie Low.

Musical accompaniment was provided courtesy of Zuglu Drummers, James Shephard-Blythe, Showcase the Street and Rufus Hok and company.

Other participants included Arbroath Skate Park Project, Hospitalfield Arts, Aberbrothock Armory, Tentalicious, Arbroath Online, Tower Steps Photography, Arbroath Beavers, Angus College, Karen Hardie Jewellery, Vicki Aston Artist and Chocolate Fountains Scotland.

Now all that remains is to find a home for the Round ‘O’ which was worked on by around 50 artists.

They were: Sprocket, Shayne Carnegie, Gemma Norrie, Ashleigh Davidson, Clara Coleman, Blythe Hunter, Lynn Nicoll, Daisy, Abby Davidson, Stewie, Jill Taylor, Jill Henderson, Cara Clark, Amy, Cayla, Jay Duthie, Tina Shephard-Blythe, Sophie Leask, Angie Smith, Kaya Hunter, Kirsty Norrie, Lady Fiona Fraser, Rachel Robbie, Luke Robbie, Lexi Smith, Millie Stewart, Laura Stewart, Kieran Forsyth, Ollie Stewart, Rhiannon, Eve Stewart, Kirsty, Lauran Doig, Lucy, Rory Leask, Rachael, Finlay, Doug Clark, Fiona Rennie, Eva, Evie Robb, Ethan Robb, Kaya Hunter, Calum Grant, Ellie Balfour, James Shephard-Blythe, Alan Hunter, Eve Smith, Jillian Low, Joe Smith, Lizzie, Geoff Stranock, Maddie, Rory Watt, Dougie Low, Sandra Scott and Lucy Maclaren.

A spokesperson for the sub-committee said: “Now we need further help from the Arbroath community. This work of art needs a home. It is essential that the Round ‘O’ mosaic be displayed proudly and prominently in town for everyone to enjoy. It is a tragedy when art becomes hidden away from public view and enjoyment and this is a beautiful piece which deserves recognition as it encompasses the spirit of community and cooperation. If anyone has suggestions as to where we can display the Round ‘O’ Mosaic, please contact us.”

Suggestions should be directed to Angela Smith on 01241 430937. To see more pictures of the day visit us online at