Speakers’ Club hear amusing anecdotes

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Humour was to the fore at Arbroath Speakers’ Club’s latest meeting.

Vice-president Sharon Cummings opened the meeting with a welcome to all members and conducted a brief business session before introducing Robert Ramsay as Speakers Chairman for the evening.

He took charge of the programme and introduced his first speaker, Katie Webster.

In her speech titled ‘A Moving Experience’ she described the stress, trials and tribulations as well as the humorous aspects of moving house. She explained that she had assisted in several moves in the last few years and had observed all the highs and lows of this endeavour.

The second speaker was Jackie Barratt, who with some excellent word pictures and good use of voice, recounted the less than relaxing ‘adventure weekend’ she recently endured, rather than enjoyed, thanks mainly to an out of control Segway machine and an extremely wet and muddy bike trail.

Third speaker was Jim Ratcliffe, who kept his audience guessing while he recounted his ‘Love Affair With An Italian Beauty’, from their first meeting in his native Sunderland then their relocation north to Angus, where he gradually neglected and almost forgot about her in the process of bringing up his family. Six years ago with hugh pangs of guilt he tracked her down and rekindled the love affair, spending every spare minute with her until she was once again the stunning beauty he once loved, then rounded off by showing a large coloured picture of his love much to the appreciation of the members. The picture was his resplendent Lambretta scooter.

The evaluators were Eric Buick, Duncan Stewart and Jim Christie respectively.

Following the break Christine Watkin as Topics chairman introduced her session with instructions that no notes were to be used, as in competitions, then explained that the subjects were all simple choices e.g. ‘Walking or the Gym?’, and ‘Beach Holiday or City Break?’

Her six speakers all responded with a good mixture of humour and reasoning, while divulging little things about their preferences, and plenty of rejoinders followed from the other members.

General Evaluator, Mary Law rounded off the evening with her succinct observations and some general advice.

Timekeeper Jackie Stewart proposed the vote of thanks before the vice-president closed the evening.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 9th October at the Meadowbank Inn. Further details can be had by calling 01241 437779.