Speakers’ Club session extended

THERE was another full house at Thursday’s meeting of Arbroath Speakers’ Club on what should have been the final meeting of the 2011/2012 session.

However, since the club has attracted an unprecedented number of new members over the past 12 months, making it difficult to fit in sufficient speeches over the normal number of club nights, members voted unanimously to extend the speaking season up to the end of April.

Eddie Wilmott, chairman for the evening, introduced a programme of three speeches that covered a wide range of speaking assignments. Jackie Stewart settled on ‘Up for the Challenge’ as the title of her first speech, designed to give fellow members the opportunity to get to know the speaker better. Jerry Jackson’s ‘Vignettes of Venice’ conjured up not only the sights but also the sounds and smells of the watery Italian city in his speech chosen to conjure up word pictures. The third speaker, Pauline McLennan, chose to explore ‘The Puzzle of Left Handedness’ as the vehicle for a demonstration of the use of humour in a speech

After the break, Sharon Cummings took charge of the meeting in her first appearance as topics chairman. She introduced what turned out to be a very lively topics session in the course of which she invited six people to share their views on a number of aspects of television and television programmes. This allowed Norma Findlay, Graham Robb, Duncan Stewart, Chris McIntosh, Lis Hill and Robert Hill plenty of opportunity to share their various loves and hates of the box in the corner of the room.

Jim Christie, June Jelly and Lis Hill evaluated the speeches. Mary Law was the general evaluator.

This year, Arbroath has been chosen as the venue for the annual general meeting and speaking contests of the Association of Speakers Clubs’ Northern District, covering clubs from Nairn to Crieff. The event will take place at the Royal British Legion Scotland clubrooms tomorrow (Saturday).

Arbroath member Mark Masson, winner of the speech event at the area conference earlier this year, will be representing the North Tay Area in a bid to go forward to the national speech contest in Cardiff on April 28.

Arbroath Speakers’ Club meets in the Stables Bar at the Meadowbank at 7.30 p.m. every second Thursday from September to March with a short break over Christmas. For more information, contact the secretary, John Winterton, on 01241 852630 or e-mail Robert Hill at robthill@gmail.com. For further information about the National Association of Speakers’ Clubs, visit www.the-asc.org.uk