Speed control consultation

Residents of a Carnoustie street are being asked for their input on plans try and lower traffic speeds in their area.

Angus Council is consulting with residents of Tayside Street with regards to the possibility of introducing road humps to reduce speeds.

A recent survey of all the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ areas in Angus showed that, in a number of these sites, recorded speeds were in excess of the 20 m.p.h. recommended speed.

These sites were further investigated to look at additional speed reduction measures.

It is proposed to introduce 75mm high road humps along Tayside Street. A consultation period with affected residents and road users is on-going and runs until Friday, February 14.

Questionnaires have been delivered to the houses on the affected street and the survey can also be completed by visiting the ‘Have Your Say’ section of Angus Council’s website, www.angus.gov.uk