Speeding concerns at school highlighted

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Concerns have been raised about “irresponsible” motorists speeding and ignoring parking rules around a Carnoustie primary school.

The Gazette was contacted this week by a member of the public with regards to motorists exceeding the speed limit and parking dangerously on Queen Street, particularly near Woodlands Primary School.

The reader, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “As a resident of Queen Street, Carnoustie I am most concerned at the irresponsible speeds that many motorists are travelling at along this once quiet residential street.

“As you will be aware there is a primary school at the top of this road where my concern is shared and I that think that consideration must now be given to traffic-calming measures such as those already in place at other schools in the town.

“In addition, double yellow lines in Queen Street, and indeed across Carnoustie, are not observed and this creates a hazard for cars endeavouring to emerge from the side streets.”

In light of this Angus Council has reminded drivers to reduce their speed around schools and drive according to their environment. A council spokesman said: “We carried out speed checks and reviewed the accident history of the area following concerns in previous years about speeding vehicles on Queen Street. Survey results to date showed no significant speeding problem on Queen Street and there was no history of accidents. However, we would be happy to carry out further investigations should concerns be raised again.

“As with many schools in Angus and elsewhere, a 20mph speed limit is in operation on Queen Street at times when children are coming to and leaving Woodlands Primary.”

Police Scotland also had no record of incidents within the last month, but a spokesperson said: “Police Scotland continually operates a robust policy in respect of drivers exceeding the speed limit or driving at an inappropriate speed.

“Drivers should be mindful of their speed, drive appropriately for the road conditions, especially during the winter months and take extra care when driving in built-up areas and around schools. Those who are detected driving in excess of the speed limits face being issued with a conditional offer of fixed penalty notice which can carry a penalty of three points on your driving licence and a £100 fine.

“Our advice to motorists is - leave plenty of time for your journey, observe the speed limits and have consideration for the safety of all road users.

“Anyone with concerns regarding road safety in their area is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.”