Splendid display at Carnoustie

editorial image

The sky was alight with colour during the annual fireworks display on Saturday 
in Carnoustie.

An impressive crowd of approximately 4,000 people gathered at the Black Slab car park to watch the 
spectacular illuminations.

“It was the biggest we have ever done with a supportive and really excellent crowd,” said organiser Lindsay Martin. “The atmosphere from the crowd was great and although the wind came the wrong way, it didn’t hold us up for long. Everything was just perfect.”

A local person donated a large gift of fireworks, adding to the sheer volume of bangs on the night. Lindsay said: “We are really appreciative of her donation. In terms of monetary donations we have just managed to clear our feet.

“It would be great if every person who attended dropped at least £1 in, then we could guarantee the show for next year. It is £700 alone for the insurance.

“Some folk give you £5 or £10 and some don’t give anything, it happens every year.”

The display is currently run by mostly retired members of the charitable Carnoustie Coastguard Association and they are keen to get some younger, enthusiastic people in with a view to taking over the reigns. “We’ve been doing this for 35 years and we need new people!”