Sponsor a child

A NATIONAL charity has this week launched a campaign to raise money for medication for children in Malawi.

On Monday the Carnoustie branch of Sue Ryder took part in the campaign ‘Sponsor a child in Malawi’ which aims to help 765,000 Malawians suffering from asthma and the 436,000 affected by epilepsy.

The prevalence of these diseases has contributed to around only 20 per cent of children finishing secondary school.

The Carnoustie staff will be inviting people to come in, find out more about Sue Ryder’s work in Malawi and sponsor a child from just £12.50 per month.

All the money raised will go towards enabling them to attend school, help their families and live a normal childhood.

Murray Duncanson, vice chairman of NHS Education Scotland and a Sue Ryder trustee recently visit Malawi.

He said: “The needs of the population are quite overwhelming. As a trustee of the main funder of this work, I was keen to see firsthand the services that were being provided on the ground.

“It was clear from my visit that for a comparatively small sum of money in UK terms, a large number of local people were benefiting.

“Our ‘sponsor a child’ program helps ensure that a child in rural Malawi with one of these conditions receives the specialized care they need, helping them to become more active and giving them the chance to escape poverty.”

Sue Ryder’s work in Malawi can be supported via the donation of unwanted items to the shop at 106 High Street, sponsoring a child or by making a donation online at www.sueryder.org.