Sponsor a roundabout!

AS PART of their role to enhance the town, Carnoustie Development Group has hit upon the idea of making roundabouts just that little bit more interesting.

Last week, a delegation from the organisation led by chairperson Bill Bowles met with Angus Council’s infrastructure service committee to put forward their ideas for improving Carnoustie.

Chief among these was the suggestion that ‘gateway’ roundabouts could host signs that would both brighten up the scenery and also bring in much needed business to the town.

Making the town as attractive as possible for potential investors is key to the goals of the Carnoustie Development Group and having local control of prominent landmarks such as roundabouts would be a serious boon.

This year Carnoustie won a bronze award from the Keep Scotland Beautiful campaign, and Mr Bowles is keen to build on this. He said: “We are looking to improve the standing of the awards we’ve been given. This is a positive move for more community involvement and to enhance the town.”

Other ideas put forward are redesigning street signs to reflect the town colours in red and black and adding the town crest, as well as rebranding the town with the tag line ‘Carnoustie: the cradle of golf’.