Sports club to ask for more land

PLANS for creating a community sports hub in Carnoustie could be set to expand if Angus Council approval is secured.

Gordon Harris, chair of the Carnoustie Community Sports Club, is hoping to expand the land available for use in the sports hub project.

He explained: “I think the idea is to see if we can get control of all the current Carnoustie High School playing fields and incorporate that into the community sports club facilities.

“That would definitely increase the scope of the hub, and it would be controlled and run by the community sports club.”

Incorporating the school playing fields into the Newton Farm project would also remove the need for access to school property out of hours, which has been a past issue with contractor Robertsons who employ the janitorial staff.

Gordon said: “I need to find out who to speak to and have a conversation with the education department and Robertsons.

“The school can have full use of current facilities and the new facilities being planned.

“Ultimately we also want to administer all the community owned fields as well.

“To us it’s a really good idea, but whether the education department is allowed to do that, we don’t know.”

The committee members are also looking to expand their territory by taking on the council-owned Astroturf pitch at Pitskelly.

Gordon explained: “We’re looking to get that signed over to us and I believe that won’t be a problem at all.

“It can’t make money for the council.

“The problem is the actual surface is no use. It’s all-weather in name only and most adults won’t play on it.

“But it would only be an asset to us if we could get the surface upgraded.

“Kevin Lee from the SFA is helping us with the funding for that, and the ball park figure is around £100,000.

“Things are positive, but it’s very slow and I’m possibly being just a bit impatient.”

Independent councillor Bill Bowles is also on the committee and is confident about the outcome.

He said: “Things are progressing there. The funding for the new pitches by the High School is looking like it’s getting to a place where it just needs to be approved.

“The needs statement also has to be made up for all the outdoor sports outlining the required facilities to justify getting the funding.

“That will go before the neighbourhood services committee and sports and leisure department and if all goes well the approval should come through at the next budget meeting for a share of the £200,000 set aside for sports in Angus.”

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