Stage Stars welcomes tots

A CARNOUSTIE woman is set to expand her dance school with the addition of a new class for toddlers.

Kim Brymer (28), who has run Stage Stars for children for the last five years, will begin teaching Stage Star Tots from tomorrow (Saturday).

The 45 minute class is aimed at boys and girls aged three to five years and will be held in the Dibble Tree Theatre between 9.45. and 10.30 a.m.

Kim, who tours schools during the week teaching dance for Angus Council, is understandably excited by the continued growth and enthusiasm for dance in the town.

She said: “The last five years have been really good. The classes are loads of fun and the children seem to have a great time.

“Now that I’m teaching different age ranges it’ll be good to see them working their way up through the age-group classes and seeing them progress.”

Some of Kim’s pupils have been with her from the very beginning. She added: “There’s one girl I have seen develop from not being able to do very much to doing whole dance routines.”

Over the last few years Stage Stars has expanded steadily, so that at any one time there will be approximately 60 students enrolled at the dance school, and with Stage Star Tots Kim hopes to add another 10.

She has been passionate about all aspects of creative expression since the age of seven, having been a member of the Dibble Tree Theatre Club.

Kim continued: “I’ve always done dance and drama myself, on leaving school I did an NC Theatre Arts at college.

“I realised that it was really dance that I was interested in, so I did my degree in Contemporary Dance at The Space in Dundee.”

Shortly after Kim began her role with Angus Council she realised there was an opportunity for her to do more with dance in Carnoustie, explaining: “People started saying to me ‘why don’t you teach your own classes?’ and being a member of the theatre club I knew the Dibble Tree was empty a lot.

“It’s an ideal place to hold dance lessons.”

Kim stresses that her classes are for all levels of ability and she hopes to promote the benefits dance gives to children.

The next performance for Stage Stars will be at Christmas, with the senior class producing their dance routines and acts combing singing and dancing.

For more information on Stage Star classes email Kim at