Stellar acting in ‘American Hustle’

The cast of 'American Hustle', which is out now in cinemas.
The cast of 'American Hustle', which is out now in cinemas.

David O. Russell’s black comedy is filled with nerve-jangling tension, snappy dialogue, troubled romance and is a full-on, disparaging ode to the 70s: the clothes are flashy, the characters are desperate, and the hair is glorious. What more can we ask for?

Christian Bale plays Irving Rosenfeld, an out of shape confidence man with a comical comb-over, who is madly in love with his fellow con artist and mistress Sydney Prosser, played by the cleavage sporting Amy Adams. But all is not well for poor Irv.

Problem no. 1: Irving is married to the brash and highly strung Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) who he describes as the “Picasso of passive-aggressive karate.” (What a line!)

Problem no. 2: The pair are forced to work for the FBI to take down a number of corrupt government officials, all under the watchful eye of agent Richie DiMaso - played with manic gusto by Bradley Cooper – who also falls hopelessly in love with Sydney.

As you may have figured, hilarity ensues.

The film is carried along by top acting from all members of the cast. Sunday night’s Golden Globes earned the film several awards of which it is fully deserving.