Store plans for High Street eyesore unknown

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THE DEBATE over the future of a long-standing blemish on the face of Monifieth continued this week.

The now defunct petrol station on the High Street is currently owned by Tesco, but has for the last eight years stood empty after the liquidation of Osprey Forecourts.

In February, 2009, the Guide & Gazette ran a story detailing the purchase of the site by Tesco and their hopes to have the petrol station up and running by August of that year.

The only work done since has been to use the site as a fenced off supply dump for the contractors working on the High Street enhancement project.

Councillor Jean Lee, who sits on Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee, referred to the Tesco redevelopment plans as “rumblings” as nothing had yet been submitted for planning approval.

She added: “It’s a huge disappointment that it’s still there and that nothing has been done about it.

“It’s a blight on the newly enhanced High Street, an absolute blight. Surely it could be put to better use than just being ugly.”

Monifieth Community Council chairman John Whellams adopts a pragmatic approach to the issue. He said: “It looks so awful because currently it is being used by the contractors as a storage site for the High Street enhancement project.

“The fencing is there to protect what is left of the contractor’s materials that are still stored there.

“At the end of the month work will continue on the enhancement project. So yes, until that is finished it will look derelict.

“What interests me more at the moment is the use that the site will be put to in the short-term, once the enhancement project is done.

“I would love to see it renewed as a petrol station. I understand that this is in Tesco’s future plans.

“I have some ideas for the site, but I want to discuss those with the community council first before I take them any further.

“As far as I am aware, Tesco don’t have any plans not to turn it into a petrol station at some point. The question is whether this will be in three or five years, or however long.

“We need to look at what can be done with the site in the interim.

“At one point, a petrol station featured in the High Street enhancement plans, and that was only two years ago at the most.

“Of course, the economic situation since then has probably affected their plans.”

Tesco was contacted for a comment on the situation, but had not provided one by the time of going to press.