Success for young brass players

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THE NORTHERN Counties Youth Brass solo competition took place in Newton Panbride Church in Carnoustie on Sunday.

Nineteen soloists competed against each other in the various youth categories.

In the 12-and under section, first place was won by Colette Coleman and second and third places were taken by Jordan Robertson and Louise McFadden respectively.

In the 13-to-16 category, Joanne Frier took the top prize with the other two places going to Christopher Robertson and Craig Knight.

Joe Walters won the 17-to-21 category.

As usual several top class brass ensembles were on display from Carnoustie and the town will have representation at all levels in the national finals.

They will take place on February 5 in Livingston, where winners of the regional championships will come together to compete for the Scottish youth solo and ensemble championships.

All the young players who will be playing in the finals are pupils of Mr Michael Robertson, who will again be there to accompany them on piano and provide the encouragement on the day.

r Pictured are the players from Sunday’s competition. They are, from left - Emily Christison, Shannon Carson, Beatrix Clark, James Parker, Peter Jackson, Christopher Robertson, Joanne Frier, Craig Knight, Sarah Knight, Jed Smith, Jordan Robertson, Scott Ness, Katie Brown, Gordon McLean, Colette Coleman, Joe Walters, Louise McFadden and Christie Swinton. Emma Jackson also competed but is not pictured.