Sum of cash snatched from woman at ATM

TAYSIDE Police warned shoppers to be on their guard after a woman in Arbroath had money snatched from her hand just after she had taken it from a High Street cash machine.

The incident happened between 10.50 a.m. and 12.15 p.m. on Thursday (December 22), at the ATM outside WH Smith.

A 33-year-old woman requested a two figure sum from her account and as it was delivered to her she went to put it in her purse. As she did so a man came up to her, grabbed the money from her grasp and ran off down High Street in the direction of the Sheriff Court.

Although shocked, the woman was unhurt.

The thief is described as being six feet four inches tall, slim, with mousey brown hair. At the time he wore a beige jacket.

The High Street was very busy at the time, particularly given the time of year and Tayside Police would appeal to anyone who witnessed this incident to call them on 0300 111 2222, or speak to any officer.

In appealing for information to trace the person responsible, Tayside Police would urge people to take all possible care when shopping to minimise any opportunities for thieves to strike.

A spokesman said: “Keep wallets, purses and cash safely out of sight when shopping. Do not take them out until absolutely necessary and never wander about holding them in full view. Women should keep their purses hidden from view in their handbags and keep bags zipped or fastened shut and close to them at all times.

“Do not let your bag out of your sight, not even for a few seconds. Handbags should never be left on a supermarket shopping trolley, or in an unlocked car while returning a trolley. A few seconds is all it takes to steal unattended property.

“In relation to cash machines, people should not allow anyone to see their secure details and should not walk away from the machine with cash in hand. Put it away before you walk away.

“If possible, avoid carrying large sums of cash when shopping. Credit and debit cards are a safer option and, unlike cash, can be cancelled if lost or stolen.”