Super broadband is coming to town

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CARNOUSTIE’S inclusion in BT’s roll-out of superfast broadband will come not a moment too soon according to one local representative.

Independent Councillor Brian Boyd welcomed the BT announcement this week which coincided with a virtual communications blackout for Sky’s broadband and telephone customers in Carnoustie and Arbroath.

On Tuesday evening at around 7.30 p.m. Sky customers in Carnoustie and Arbroath discovered their internet access and telephone lines were inoperable.

A spokesperson for Sky said: “We encountered technical problems with our network while updating some of our equipment in the Carnoustie and Arbroath area last night.

“This issue was fully resolved this morning (Wednesday). We’re sorry for any inconvenience experienced by our customers.”

Service had resumed by 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Councillor Boyd said: “It is great to see Carnoustie households and businesses getting access to high-speed connectivity and fibre broadband from BT, it can only give a boost to the town!

“The sooner it happens the better after last night’s problems.

“It seems that Sky customers, who use the BT system, have been without ‘phones and broadband for over 15 hours in Carnoustie. A little worrying for venerable people who rely on a reliable telephone service.

“When the system was down it just showed how much we now rely on the internet these days, so I certainly hope the new, faster service, will be with us as soon as possible.”

According to BT around 4,800 homes and businesses in the town will be upgraded to fibre broadband by the end of Spring 2014.

The upgrade is part of a £2.5 billion roll-out of fibre broadband throughout the UK, and will bring the number of Angus fibre broadband users to more than 35,300.

The roll out will use a mixture of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP) BT Openreach plan to give access to broadband speeds far in excess of the average 9 mbps currently available according to

By the end of Spring 2014 BT intend to give two thirds of the UK access to broadband speeds of between 20 and 80 mbps for homes and up to 330 mbps for businesses.

The announcement was also hailed by Councillor Mairi Evans, the economic development spokesperson for Angus Council.

She said: “This is very welcome news as we move forward in another challenging year.

“Local firms and households will be greatly encouraged by such a major investment, which demonstrates that we are making progress even in these tough economic times.

“It will reinforce Angus’s strong credentials as a great place to live and do business.

“High-speed communications have never been more vital in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive and connected world.

“This investment will help to build confidence of an economic recovery among local households and businesses.”

BT Scotland director Dick Brendan added: “This latest investment is a major vote of confidence in Scotland’s future success.

“Fast, sophisticated communications are the cornerstone of a successful community, helping local people to build their skills and knowledge and encouraging the creation of new businesses and jobs.”