Super Nan takes to the skies

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CARNOUSTIE twins Ayley and Chloe Hirsch received a cheque from their very own ‘Super Nan’ last week.

Daredevil Nan O’Rourke (70) and eight friends, including the twins’ father Frazer Hirsch raised £1,892.23 from a sponsored sky dive on June 26.

According to Nan, they were sent home in disappointment after their parachute trainer told them that jumping in winds of more than 20 knots was illegal.

Nan said: “We’d had our training already, and we were all so hyped up. I really wanted to just do it and I was praying that the winds would die down enough for us to get up there.”

The sky dive is set to be rescheduled but it could be some weeks before this happens.

Nan added: “I read on about the girls and their condition and I really wanted to help.

“I saw that Frazer was doing a sky dive and was asking for volunteers. I thought to myself, I could do that.”

At first Averil and Frazer could not believe that a 70-year-old would sky dive, but after receiving her deposit, the pair were shocked to realise she was serious.

l Our picture shows Nan (centre) presenting the cheque to Frazer Hirsch and Averil Fleming on behalf of their daughters.