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AT THEIR regular monthly meeting in the Community Cabin on Thursday evening, members of Monifieth Community Centre Steering Group were very disappointing that only two members of the public attended.

The group is working steadily forward in partnership with Angus community planning officers to meet the need of the community. Interviews with businesses interested in conducting a feasibility study in order to assess what Monifieth residents would want within a multi-purpose resource centre will take place in September.

The report should then be available in January of next year. The council has already pledged a sum of £300,000, albeit with conditions.

Angus Council Community Fund has pledged a grant of £5,000 to be paid when ‘match funding’ is secured towards the £15,000 cost of the feasibility study.

Monifieth Community Centre Steering Group has pledged £1,500, Monifieth Local History Society, a regular users of the Community Cabin, has donated £75.57 raised at a Monifieth Music Night.

However, chairman Margaret Copland stated that the group message to those who recognise a resource centre as being a top priority is stand up and be counted!