Sweet end to bitter tale of charity theft

It appears that some good has come from the despicable theft of a charity collection after Carnoustie and Easthaven people rallied round to replace the loss.

Last Saturday the collection box for Mary’s Meals which sits on the cyclepath at Easthaven was taken, sweets and all. A passer by later posted a picture on OurCarnoustie’s Facebook page of the disappointed note left in response by the charity collector.

It said: “Sad after two years of collecting for Mary’s Meals with no incidents some lowlife decided to steal a whole box of sweets (including the box), [on] Saturday and cash. If they are so poverty stricken maybe they should partake in a trip to Malawi to see what real poverty is.”

The incident sparked a storm of outrage with nearly 40 comments being made and calls for the public to make good the loss.

Linda Murray wrote: “So sad, it is always a pleasure to have a sweetie and put the money in the box, always the few that spoil it for the rest.”

Jean Brown added: “How awful. I’m not able to walk along this path but am aware of the fund-raising for Mary’s Meals. Let’s all give a little money to the lady who does this.”

As a result, on Monday OurEasthaven posted on their Facebook page a thank you note to everyone who had responded to the impromptu appeal.

It said: “In response to hearing that somebody has taken the sweets and money intended for Mary’s Meals people have donated more than £60 directly to Morag in the last 24 hours - thank you everybody for not letting this incident damage a really successful venture.

“We’ll put out a more secure tin and hopefully it won’t happen again.”

It is understood that more money has been donated since and Rod McLeod summed it up when he commented: “Great news, just goes to show good can come from bad!”