Tabernacle treat for Evelyn

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The honorary president of Carnoustie Musical Society received a rare opportunity recently when she sang with America’s most famous choir.

Evelyn Christieson was in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently for a family wedding when she was invited to join the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir for a rehearsal.

According to Evelyn it came about as the result of a chance encounter. She explained: “Hal Woolley, my son in law, had been talking to an acquaintance of his in business and he had been talking about music and I think he must have said that I was very involved in music. It was my birthday and I was there for a wedding, and this chap was in the choir and he had said, we do have visitors that come to our rehearsals on a Thursday evening and would I like to go.

“We went along to a big huge conference centre which thousands of people go to every week and there was the full orchestra and the big choir which is over 320 members and I was invited to sing along with the altos.”

She continued: “It was really quite something because it is a very, very prestigious and huge choir, known all over America. They broadcast on Sundays, two or three services in the morning, they have won Grammy awards and different things.”

It was great day according to Evelyn. She said: “I was just thrilled to be there. The people were very nice and we sang the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ and ‘On a Clear Day’, that was the one I liked best, it was a nice arrangement they had. We rehearsed four numbers while I was there.”