Taking the classroom outside

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Schools in our area have been taking part in a project which combines outdoor learning experiences with self-improvement.

The Healthy Outdoor Learning Angus Award (HOLA) has been developed both to support and to celebrate achievement within the context of outdoor learning in (the grounds of) Angus schools.

It is underpinned by Curriculum for Excellence and the awards are based on the five ‘iconic’ big Scottish animals: otter; red squirrel; Scottish wildcat; golden eagle and red deer.

The accepted benefits of outdoor learning are considerable: resilience; teamwork, understanding; problem solving; physical and mental well-being and building relationships.

A spokesperson for HOLA said: “Many of our schools have already embraced the awards, Burnside Primary School is a notable example of this in Carnoustie, with their ‘Planting Pots for Little Tots project.

“As is another local school recently credited with the award, Seaview Primary School in Monifieth. HOLA has also been recognised nationally.

“Our wish is that HOLA continues to support and to inspire all of our learners to embrace outdoor learning, especially within immediate school environments and help to continue to celebrate all of the benefits that outdoor learning brings.”

If you would like any more information about HOLA or outdoor learning, please contact colquhouna@angus.gov.uk.