Talk on e-publishing

CHRIS Longmuir, a published author, winner of the 2009 Dundee Book Prize and long time member of the Angus Writers’ Circle, was the speaker at the Circle’s meeting in Rosely Hotel last Wednesday.

She introduced her subject by telling members that authors are turning to electronic publishing as an alternative way of getting their books into print.

Chris said, “Preparation is all important. Do not expect instant success by simply uploading your book to an e-publisher. If you can afford it use the services of a professional editor and get your manuscript proof read. Quality manuscripts can make a big difference to book sales.

She explained that the cover of a book is very important. “It is the first contact you have with your reader,” she went on. “You can produce a cover for your own book, but a professionally designed cover will, more often than not, induce readers to download your book.”

She then described in detail how to process a typed manuscript for uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing, which is part of the Amazon group. This is made easier by using the special software provided. The next step for the author is to publicise his/her book. This means press releases, preparing reviews, handing out flyers, etc.

She introduced David Wishart, a founder member of the circle and another successful author. David and Chris spoke about CreateSpace, a site that provides all the support an author needs, including help with distribution. This is also part of the Amazon group. Other sites that provide a similar service are Lulu and Smashword.

The evening finished with a question and answer session.

The Angus Writers’ Circle meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7.30 to 10 p.m. in the Rosely Hotel, Arbroath. New members are always welcome. For further details, ‘phone the secretary, Eleanor Fordyce, on 01307 465056.