Targeting drivers near schools

Road policing officers in Tayside are running a two-week operation aimed at making the areas around schools safer for children, parents and staff.

Beginning at the start of the new school term this week, the operation continues the good work from the previous few years where officers, along with partner agencies, worked closely to alleviate inconsiderate driving and parking around the areas schools.

Constable Gordon Dickson, from the Tayside Division’s Road Policing Unit, said: “We are here to make the areas around the schools safer for kids to come and go, without them having the fear of being struck by a vehicle driving too fast or parked where it shouldn’t be. Officers are asking parents who take their children to school to obey the road markings outside schools, be sensible and keep their children and everyone else’s children safe this term.

“At the end of the day this is their children’s lives we are speaking about, I’m sure any parent can appreciate and understand that.”

This activity will be undertaken in support of the force’s Vulnerable Road Users Campaign that runs from August 24 to 30 with enforcement action taken where necessary.