The Arbroath Smokie Trail Guide

Arbroath Smokies.
Arbroath Smokies.

The hunt is on to find experts who can help compile an informative brochure on Arbroath’s most famous delicacy in time for Tartan Day.

As part of the Tartan Day Scotland Festival 2014, which runs from April 5 to 13, the Arbroath Smokie Trail is to be launched as part of the programme of events.

And to ensure the Arbroath Smokie Trail is as relevant and historically-correct as possible, people connected with the smokie making process are being asked to help with the planning of a brochure, which will be used to promote the Arbroath Smokie near and far.

Provost of Angus, Helen Oswald said: “This is a fabulous opportunity for us to share the story of our famous delicacy and encourage visitors, whether they’re from elsewhere in Scotland or the other side of the globe, to experience the taste of Arbroath Smokies in Arbroath itself.”

The brochure will explain the history and heritage of this unique hot-smoked haddock, which was awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status by the EEC in 2004.

Anyone with a keen interest in Arbroath Smokies, businesses which make or sell Arbroath Smokies and anyone who has been or still is involved in the production of Arbroath Smokies who would like to be involved or has any relevant information or vintage photographs, should email