The first declaration of love

Jackie Watson and Derek Middler on their special day.
Jackie Watson and Derek Middler on their special day.

The first wedding to take place at Arbroath Abbey since a u-turn on allowing ceremonies at the venue took place on Saturday.

Jackie Watson and Derek Middler both from the town are the first couple to be married at the historic setting since weddings stopped.

In 2012, the Herald revealed that Abbey custodians Historic Scotland had stopped offering wedding ceremonies at the site due to a lack of demand.

However, a campaign by the Herald as well as the Arbroath Abbey Action Group worked together to persuade Historic Scotland to reverse their decision.

And the organisation agreed to reinstate weddings on a trial basis.

Although it was reported last month that the Abbey, the sitte of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath, will continue to offer weddings after the trial is complete at the end of this month.

And chairman of the Arbroath Abbey Action Group, Harry Ritchie said at the time: “I would encourage anyone planning a wedding in the next year or two to give serious consideration to having Arbroath Abbey as a backdrop to the service.”

More information on holding a wedding at Arbroath Abbey can be found by accessing the Historic Scotland website.