The mystery of the disappearing planters!

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The green-fingered members of Colourful Carnoustie have been hard at work recently kicking off a replanting scheme in the town centre.

Along the High Street and in other parts of the town the beautiful planters have been quietly emptying and are now starting to fill up again.

The group are responsible for Carnoustie’s annual entry into Keep Scotland Beautiful’s Beautiful Scotland competition which this year saw them achieve a silver gilt medal in the Coastal Town category.

Alec Edwards from Colourful Carnoustie explained: “Residents may have noticed that the planters outside Franco’s café, the library and in Station Road seem to be missing some plants.

“Is this vandalism or the start of something bigger? Well, one or two smaller plants went missing over the summer, but what you are seeing here is the start of a long overdue replanting scheme for these planters.”

He continued: “The plants, especially the central cordylines, had got very large, and the soil exhausted, and so they have now been removed. Over the next few weeks the remaining plants will be given a new lease of life, soil will be replaced and bulbs planted.

“The plan is that by next July, when Colourful Carnoustie is again judged in the Beautiful Scotland campaign - this year we received a silver gilt award - the planters will be overflowing with colour, so as to match the magnificent hanging baskets and fountains of begonias which have enhanced the High Street.

To continue their work Colourful Carnoustie is looking to recruit civic-minded individuals.

Alec said: “But it’s more than just stunning floral displays; evidence of schemes and activity involving different sections of the community is a vital part of the award, so now the small group of Colourful Carnoustie volunteers is looking for other individuals and groups in the community to work alongside so as to prepare the town for next year’s judging.

“There are plans of a wild flower meadow, tree-planting, individual streets working together to brighten up their aspect.”

Any person or group interested in either lending a hand or sharing ideas can contact Ed on 01241 859876, Kirsty on 01241 853584 or Alec on 07712 988351.