The VERY long way round!

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A team of fundraising globetrotters from Arbroath are hoping to motor their way to an epic total for their favourite children’s charity.

The amusingly named Team T’Agila Sunrise, consisting of Skene Smith, Davie Kidd and Joanna Pitt, are tackling head on the infamous Mongol Rally, 10,000 miles across some of the most taxing driving terrain in the world.

Mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, 1700 miles of untarred roads, and absolutely no support.

But all in the name of a good cause, and every penny raised by the team will be going to Tay FM’s Cash For Kids campaign.

Our map of Europe shows very roughly the countries which Team T’Agila Sunrise aim to travel through on the Mongol Rally.

There are certain requirements to follow when choosing a vehicle, so the team picked theirs by going onto the AutoTrader website and searching for a car under £500, max 1 litre engine and within a 50 mile radius.

The result, a Vauxhall Agila, which will carry the trio from Arbroath on July 16, down to the official race start at the Goodwood Racetrack, through 17 countries and then on to the finish line in the Russian city of Ulan-Ude, about a day’s travel north of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Local businessman Skene has estimated between 30 and 40 days for the odyssey, which if all goes to plan will see them drive home again, taking the trip up to around 17,000 miles.

Skene said: “It’s to get people out of their comfort zone and get them away from everyday life where everything is just run out for them.

“Once we cross the start line we are 100 per cent responsible for our navigation, our fuel, our accommodation, everything. We’re out there to do it ourselves.

“When people ask me why we’re doing this, my answer is always the same - why wouldn’t you want to do it?”

The Mongol Rally has been on his radar since 2004. Skene continued: “I was very much inspired by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman during their long way round, which was the same year of the inaugural run of the Mongol Rally. I also remember watching Jack Osborne doing it one year. As a team, all of us are very much into cars, travel and adventure, this is a chance to combine all three and meet some amazing people. This is the natural progression. There’s also a little bit of age making me do it while I’ve still got a pulse. I’m also a bit crazy which helps.”

It will be a test of their mental and physical resilience for the team as they journey halfway across the world for charity, but at the very least, Skene is quietly confident that their trusty steed will manage. He said: “Joanna, with her good sense of direction and map reading kudos will hopefully make this a winning combination.”

Team T’Agila Sunrise needs your help though to raise as much money as possible for a great local cause, you can donate now here:

It was important to the team that they pick a local charity which they felt would do the best for the area - Cash For Kids is run by a dedicated local team and the effects can be seen within the local areas they support.

Unlike some teams every penny raised by them will go to Cash For Kids, and all costs for fuel, food, repairs and so on are being met by themselves.