Think big about small screen

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The mind-manipulating effect of the media – particularly TV – is the subject of an Arbroath choreographer’s work for a forthcoming production at The Space at D&A College.

Chris O’Mara (24) is one of nine BA (hons) dance students whose work makes up the ‘Independant Dance Project’ performed at The Space at Kingsway Campus on Wednesday and Thursday, March 16 and 17.

A total of 27 dancers, from the both the BA degree course and the HND programme, are taking to the stage to dance in a variety of pieces to a range of music – from modern classical to electric pop.

Each BA student has choreographed a piece using different themes and numbers of dancers, some with four people taking part, while Chris’s has nine dancers.

Entitled, Proselytise, Chris’s piece is about the media and how it can brainwash its audience.

With a particular slant on the reporting of the Syrian conflict and ISIS, Chris uses TV clips and a variety of music.

As well as a total of nine dancers on stage, Chris has a bank of TV cases and four TV monitors - there is even a glimpse of the Teletubbies.

“At one stage we attempt to influence the audience with a wee subliminal message,” confesses the choreographer.

“Nothing sinister, just a simple piece of autosuggestion.

“I did quite a bit of research on how the media can manipulate and audiences and it seems that TV can be a very powerful tool.”

Curtain up for the “Independant Dance Project” is 7.30, with bar open from 7pm. Tickets (£3.50) are available by emailing Daniel Ford at .