This week’s new cinema releases

'Austenland' is released in cinemas this week.
'Austenland' is released in cinemas this week.

It’s a bit of a quirky week for new releases with Woody Allen’s latest offering and a couple of interesting flicks that have appeared from under the radar.

Woody Allen’s return to the States sees him trading in the mean streets of New York for the famous hills of San Francisco with ‘Blue Jasmine’.

Jasmine Francis does not approve of her younger sister, but when she loses everything she has no choice but to go stay with her.

With Jasmine struggling to cope her sister suggests she pursues a career in interior design, but instead Jasmine accepts work in a dentist’s office where she attracts the unwanted attention of her boss.

However, when she meets a handsome diplomat who quickly is charmed by her, Jasmine sees a lifeline to get out of her tricky situation.

In ‘Girl Most Likely’ the excellent Kristen Wiig stars as Imogene, a failed New York playwright who is released into the care of her gambling addict mother, following a mental breakdown that saw her fake a suicide attempt in a bid to win back her ex boyfriend.

Imogene is forced to move back home to New Jersey with her mother, younger brother, and her mother’s mendacious new boyfriend, and to make matters worse there’s a stranger (to her) sleeping in her old bedroom.

And finally, in ‘Austenland’ Jane Austen aficionado, Jane Hayes, craves nothing more than her very own Mr. Darcy.

So, she spends all of her life savings on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the UK to stay in a country manor with other ‘Pride and Predjudice’ fans only to find things don’t always work out the way you hope.