Titanic week for Carnoustie

THE OWNERS of Titanic Pizza Company in Carnoustie are taking a well-deserved rest now that the Ricoh Women’s Open has left town.

Marie Fagan and Gloria Esposito, who own and run the successful pizzeria are taking a break after a hectic week of serving professional golfers.

The pair put a lot of effort into catering for the Open, including repainting their shop in Ricoh’s trademark red and white and creating four golf-themed pizzas.

Marie said: “The speciality pizzas we put on went down a storm, particularly the ‘on the green’ one and the ‘caddy’.

“The golfers coming in really seemed to like the fact we had themed pizzas on, and I think these are the two we may keep going as permanent additions to our menu.”

Co-owner Gloria added: “The new pizzas were a hit and I’m really glad we did them. They are all topped with things we like to eat ourselves, and we gave them golfing names to fit in with the theme.”

In the week running up to the competition, Titanic began opening at noon, but Marie said that despite all the hype it took a while for the idea of the Open to sink in.

She said: “There was a great buzz in the town and on Tuesday afternoon it sunk in that the Open was in town when Paula Creamer walked past the Spar on her own, texting on her ‘phone.

“You don’t see that every day on Carnoustie High Street.”

Gloria added: “The whole place just had a nice feeling, I think golf brings that civilised spirit to a town. There were no people falling about drunk or anything.”

According to Gloria the shop was a hive of activity, she said: “I think the extra effort we put in definitely brought them in to the shop, and it wasn’t just players, but media people, tourists and our regulars too.

“I really hope they all go away with nice memories of Carnoustie, and think about coming back. The town really needs and benefits from these events.”

The lady golfers apparently have become big fans of the Titanic, with 16 signing the Wall of Fame next to their opposite numbers from the Men’s Open.

The wall now boasts the autographs of golfers such as Karen Stupples, Christina Kim and Paula Creamer.

According to Marie and Gloria one of the golfers, Angela Stanford, was so taken with the Titanic recipes that she ordered pizza every night, sometimes twice!

Gloria said: “We’re grateful for the 16 signatures we got. That was really nice because we got 16 from the Men’s Open so we matched that.

“They were all really lovely. Some of them came to the shop on the day they were leaving just to say goodbye.

“A lot of players told us they loved the course and want to come back again, and a lot of the visitors who were following them said they were dying to visit and play the course themselves.

“A few are also going to be at a tournament in St Andrews next year and they said they would make a point of coming through to see us.”

The Titanic Pizza Company will be closed for another week while staff and owners take a well deserved rest after the busy spell.