Tony Singh’s for it at Angus College

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Top Scots chef Tony Singh certainly whipped up some enthusiasm among students at D&A College when he visited on Tuesday, March 31.

“Every young person needs to develop life skills and it should start in the kitchen,” Tony said. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food [Hippocrates] and I believe that if we can get everyone into the kitchen, learning to cook, in a way they can afford, then we can all live healthily.”

The Leith-born Sikh helped support education students devise a new recipe for the soup packs they create and sell each month.

The students won the chef’s stamp of approval as they only use locally-grown, organic vegetables, where possible, in the packs which they sell around the Arbroath Campus.

The ‘Moving On’ course provides students with the tools to take the next step into employment including approaching market research and using the results to make a profitable enterprise that they then donate to charity.

Lecturer Debbie Lochhead said: “This is a real confidence boost for the students. I am sure we will see the students put this experience to good use and there will be a lot of ‘Tony Singh inspired soups’ for sale across the campus soon.”

“Visits of this sort, involving well-known and respected figures from the industry, can really inspire our students,” commented Louisa Kingham, head of hospitality, retail and tourism. This is particularly true of people like Mr Singh who, before he embarked on his highly successful career in the restaurant trade, attended college just the same as our students today.”

Mr Singh said: “I get annoyed hearing ‘self taught’. We all need to be taught, as I was. If nobody showed me what to do I wouldn’t have been here today and I am glad to pass that on.”