Top Angus baby names of 2014


Many bouncing new babies have been born in Angus this year and we can announce the names most likely to be gracing nursery pegs in the coming years.

Top of the girl’s list is Niamh. With a number of spelling variations including Niav, Neve, Neave, Neeve and Nieve, it has easily made it to the top of the list. Sharing the limelight in the number two spot are Poppy, Emily and Amelia. Other names favoured by parents of 2014 babies include Ellie, Holly, Jessica, Sophie and Olivia.

Mimicking countrywide trends all of these popular names feature in the top 100 UK names for 2014 with Amelia, Emily and Poppy all in the top 20.

Coming in top for the boys was a clear winner, Noah, which also made it to number 4 in the overall UK listings. Parents have also opted for enduring favourites such as Oliver, a solid choice at number 2 across the country as well as Ethan, Jack, Luke and Logan.

Mohamed is the most popular baby’s name in the UK as the popularity of Arabic names continues to rise, along with those of Frozen characters such as Elsa, the name of the ice queen, which has shot straight into the top 100 at 75.