Top pupils honoured at awards evening

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The annual Carnoustie Achievers evening was held in Carnoustie Church on


The ceremony recognised the achievements of Carnoustie High pupils which have taken place outside of the school.

The church was packed to capacity as almost 200 pupils received recognition of their achievements.

The event is organised by the CHS Parent Council.

Certificates were presented by former CHS pupil and high achiever Claire Smith. The achievements were presented in house order and in recognition of local, regional, national and international individual and group achievements by the pupils. The evening concluded with the presentation of the Provost’s Award by Councillor Brian Boyd for pupils selected for outstanding achievements in a world class or exceeding personal merits in challenging circumstances.

Receiving the Provost’s Award: Adam Scott, S3; Josh Wanless, S3; Shaun Franco, S3; Rhianna McLeish, S3; Kyle Munro, S3; Katie Shaw, S3; Adam Wallace, S3; Joel McFarlane, S4; Bethany Craigie, S5; Lauren Campbell, S6.

Balmossie House. Local Awards - Olivia Boyd, S1; Olivia Ferguson, S1; Miran Kelly, S1; Abigail McCarthy, S1; Megan Rae, S1; Amy Ramsay, S1; Brooke Ramsay, S1; Caitlyn Stark, S1; Miah Aigbekan, S2; Samuel Black, S2; Harvey Cattanach, S2; Ami Conchie, S2; Jazmin Havis, S2; Anna Hunter, S2; Laura Kydd, S2; Thomas Ogson, S2; Adam Shepherd, S2; Robyn Firth, S3; Hannah Geoghehan, S3; Jolene Hamilton, S3; Leah Cameron, S4; Chloe Cameron, S4; Lana Conchie, S4; Jasmin Doyle, S4; Tamzin Firth, S4; Cerys Fitzgerald, S4; Callum Lang, S4; Callum Lyall, S4; Maya O’Connor, S4; Emily Taylor, S4; Carla Townsend, S4; Rebecca Howlett, S6.

Regional Awards - Amy Hart, S1; Rachel Duarte, S2; Alfie Taylor, S2; Jamie Chalmers, S4; Aidan Robertson, S4.

National Awards - Emily McGhee, S1; Emily Mineard, S1; Michael Weir, S1; Sarah Smart, S2; Gavin Lee, S3; Andrew Lyall, S3; Iona McFarlane, S3; Finlay McGhee, S4; Lucy Mineard, S4; Annie Nicol, S4; Kate Samson, S4; Jamie Winterton, S4

International Award - Imogen Crozier, S3.

Dalhousie House: Local Awards - Carla Brown, S1; Kirsty Davidson, S1; Melody McMahon, S1; Leah McNicoll, S1; Louise Melville, S1; Ria Mirray, S1; Molly Robertson, S1; Erin Stewart, S1; Khalid Bjeirmi, S2; Kirsten Dunn, S2; Keiran Martin, S2; Tom McBride, S2; Jorja Stulka, S2; Lara Turner, S2; Alesha Wright, S2; Lily Sheppard, S3; Chloe Duncan, S4; Ross McBride, S4; Heidi McMillan, S4; Grant Ritchie, S4; Erin Cooper, S5; Hannah Marshall, S5; Megan Ross, S5; Emma Jackson, S6; Katie Wallace, S6.

Regional Awards - Katy Roberts, S1; Marcello Rufo, S5.

National Awards - Lauren Baillie, S1; Finlay Brooks, S1; Jamie Mitchell, S1; Olivia Withers, S1; Josh Craigie, S3; Niall Mitchell, S3; Niamh Baillie, S4; Rhianne Fenwick, S5.

International Award - Jasmine Jules Andrews, S4.

Panmure House: Local Awards - Darcie Bartle, S1; Lauren Macmaster, S1; Abigail Mearns, S1; Amie Reid, S1; Ross Adair, S2; Luke Gregory, S2; Skylah Guest, S2; Maisie Haggart, S2; Abigail Napier, S2; Adam Petrie, S2; Glen Byars, S3; Aleisha Lawrence; Nyah Allardice, S4; Lucy Harris, S4; Cailean Graham, S5; Emma Simpson, S5; Emily Mulholland, S6; Jennifer Pullar, S6; Rhianne Symon, S6.

Regional Award - Lauren Sainsbury, S1; Chris Yeaman, S3; Cameron O’Donnell, S4; Kit Storm, S4; Angus Sangster, S5.

National Awards - Connor Bisgrove, S1; Hannah Christie, S1; David Hendry, S1; Lewis McNicoll, S1; Adam Selvey, S1; Katie Chapman, S2; Rory Sangster, S2; Bethan Tracey, S2; Hamish bartle, S3; Marc Jameson, S3; Esme Anderson, S4; Megan Athey, S4; Amy Robertson, S4; Murray Bartle, S6.

International Awards - Mille Lindsay, S2; Chris Flynn, S6.

Ravensby House: Local Awards - Robyn Bloor, S1; Joel Brown, S1; Emily Garness, S1; Edina Johnston, S1; Fraser Morgan, S1; Kathryn Murray, S1; Alana Oliver, S1; Taylor Ritchie, S1; Rebecca Foggie, S2; Kirsten Ireland, S3; Abbie Low, S3; Anna Moir, S3; Jessica Murray, S3; Rebecca Herriot, S4; Amy Kidd, S4; Holly Ross, S4; Kirsty Stopper, S4; Ethan Doherty, S5.

Regional Award: Hannah Ingram, S1; isla Kydd, S1; Raghnall Simmons, S3; Dougie Hill, S4.

National Award - Scott Bowen Davidson, S1; Daniel Christie, S1; Andrew Tucker, S1; Drew McLoughlin, S2; Greg Oliphant, S2; Freya Ross, S2; Nathan Bertie, S3; Matthew Bowen Davidson, S3; Amy Shepherd, S3; Hannah Loudon, S4; Sarah Oliphant, S4.

International Awards - Christian Clark, S2.