Trading position to force Caley fee rise

The Caledonia Golf Club, Carnoustie
The Caledonia Golf Club, Carnoustie

The Caledonia Golf Club, an institution in Carnoustie since 1887, has been forced into some tough decisions by new legislation.

The new drink/drive legislation has been greatly felt by the club, in terms of reduced cash flow, and members had already been asked to contribute £20 per head on top of their annual fees.

At a packed Half-Yearly Meeting, held in the clubhouse on Wednesday, Captain Elliot Davie made clear the club’s precarious pecuniary position and, backed up by the treasurer, explained how the current business model was unsustainable. With membership fees not having been increased for 10 years, the Club Council requested that members accept their proposed increase and bring the date of payment forward from March 2016 to January, with those who could afford to do so paying now, in advance of those dates. Despite some lively to-and-fro from the floor, these proposals were passed on a show of hands.

The decision means the club will not be mothballed over the winter, with members sharing the Carnoustie Club’s facilities, as had been mooted at a Special General Meeting on September 30.