Traditional grappling comes to Carnoustie

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CARNOUSTIE held its first ever traditional Scottish wrestling competition recently.

The Angus Backhold Wrestling Competition was held in Carnoustie Leisure Centre last Sunday and was hosted by the Carnoustie Backhold Wrestling Club.

There was a good turnout of competitors with all the Scottish backhold clubs represented as well as four clubs from northern England and there were even a few Icelandic competitors!

Results were: boys’ 14 years and under - 5st 7lbs: 1, Jamie McDermott, Red Road Glasgow; 2, Max Bates, Rothbury;3, Dean Whyte, Carnoustie.

6st 7lbs: 1, Harry Bertrum, Rothbury; 2, Thomas Davidson, Rothbury; 3, Sam McCory, Hamilton.

7st 7lbs: 1, Harry Bertrum, Rothbury; 2, Ben Johnston, Hamilton; 3, Thomas Davidson, Rothbury.

8st 7lbs: 1, Jack Hughes, Carnoustie; 2, Ben Johnston, Hamilton; 3, Sam McCory, Hamilton.

10st 7lbs: 1, Joe Hale, Rothbury; 2, Jack Hughes, Carnoustie.

Girls’ 14 years and under: 5st 7lbs: 1, Zara Whyte, Carnoustie; 2, Lilly Hirsch, Carnoustie; 3, Sophie McCorry, Hamilton.

6st 7lbs: 1, Tanya Bertrum, Rothbury; 2, Sophie McCorry, Hamilton; 3, Lilly Hirsch, Carnoustie.

Females - 9st 7lbs: 1, Jean Ayoubi, Greenock; 2, Emma McDermott, Red Road Glasgow; 3, Tanya Bertrum, Rothbury.

11st 7lbs: 1, Caitlin Scouller, Red Road Glasgow; 2, Jean Ayoubi, Greenock; 3, Emma McDermott, Red Road Glasgow.

Open: 1, Maxi Hirsch, Carnoustie; 2, Gemma McNeill, Red Road Glasgow; 3, Caitlin Scouller, Red Road Glasgow.

Males - 10st 7lbs: 1, John Anderson, Dundee; 2, David Blair, Dundee; 3, Scott Mellia, Edinburgh.

12st 7lbs: 1, Jacob Wragg, Rothbury; 2, Paul Craig, Greenock; 3, Magnús Karl Adumsson, Iceland.

14st 7lbs: 1, Ryan Dolan, Carnoustie; 2, Jason Davidson, Rothbury; 3, Jack Hale, Rothbury.

Open: 1, Andrew Ord, Rothbury; 2, Ryan Dolan, Carnoustie; 3, Jason Davidson, Rothbury.