Trick shot for Arbroath pool

Arbroath Shotz Pool and Snooker Club
Arbroath Shotz Pool and Snooker Club

A major Scottish pool event attracting professionals from across the country is being held at Shotz Pool and Snooker in Arbroath this weekend.

Players attending over the weekend include many professionals past and present, as well as former snooker professional and current Scottish no.1 ranked player, Mark Boyle of Cumbernauld.

Joint owner of Shotz and pool champion Ryan Fleming said: “This could prove quite the spectacle for viewers with a local going up against one of the worlds best.”

Local favourite Graham Dunbar, Arbroath, is set to play Mark on Saturday.

It will see players who have qualified from their local leagues from across Scotland come to the final qualifying on Saturday, April 19. The final 32 players will play to finish on Sunday, April 20.

The event, known as the Scottish Individual Membership (IM), is run by the Scottish Pool Association and is the first of these events ever to be held anywhere in Angus.

Running for over 20 years the competition is usually held in the Glasgow area.

Co-owner and brother of Ryan, Marc Fleming said: “Having a major event like the Scottish IM finals in Arbroath is a great thing for the town.

“As a club we feel very privileged to be allowed to host an event like this only four months after opening our doors.”

The local Arbroath and District Pool League have 10 players who have qualified.

Ryan said: “For up and coming pool players in Arbroath, an event like this will be a great opportunity to see the game played at its highest level, and give an insight into where the benchmark lies.”

Along with a new junior coaching academy at Shotz, the brothers are also hoping such a high profile event will help draw in some new interest into the game locally.

Anyone is welcome to attend and entry to the club is free.