Trust seeks new applications

AN ARBROATH-based charitable trust is inviting local youth organisations to apply for their support after a fall in applications.

For the past 18 years, the William Coull Anderson Trust has devoted its income to assisting organisations that have charitable status and are based in or near Arbroath and with a preference for those that support and encourage young people.

Initially there was a good demand for support but in recent years the trustees have been surprised by the tailing off of applications despite advertising in advance of their meetings.

And with financial constraints a major worry for the vast majority of charitable organisations, the trustees feel there must be groups with charitable status that could benefit from support by the trust, normally between £500 and £1,500 and hope that applications will be forthcoming.

The trust was set up in honour of ex-Arbroathian William Coull Anderson, who left the town as a young man to train as an engineer and work in various parts of the USA.

He returned to Arbroath from time to time on holiday and, on his visit in 1966, he arranged the setting up of a trust ‘for the benefit of the town and citizens of Arbroath’ with the trustees being his lawyers, James Oliver and George Mathieson and Norman Crawford, Arbroath librarian.

After he died in 1970, the Trust was then able to establish the William Coull Anderson Library of Genealogy particularly to research the genealogy of the poet, Robert Burns to whom Anderson was related.

With the major part of the research then completed, the trustees felt they could devote the income of the Trust to other broader purposes in line with Anderson’s original wish.

They therefore arranged for the Library of Genealogy to be put under the wing of Angus Council’s archive department and that freed up the income for other organisations.

The Trustees next meet on May 22 and Mr George Dunlop, one of the current trustees, will be pleased to receive applications in advance of that.

Forms of application can be obtained from Ms Gillian Stewart at Thorntons, Brothockbank House, Arbroath or by calling 01241 872683.