Underpass closed

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THE TEMPORARY closure of the pedestrian underpass at the Gray Street railway crossing in Broughty Ferry began on Monday.

This three-week closure has been arranged to allow Network Rail to build a new entry point to the down platform for trains towards Dundee, but there will also be a bonus for users of the underpass.

The Dundee city engineer has confirmed that he has arranged what will amount to a makeover of the underpass while it is closed.

Ferry councillor Laurie Bidwell said: “Following complaints by the community council and elected members, the city engineer has confirmed that after the building works by Network Rail, he has arranged for a deep clean of all surfaces in the underpass. New roof lighting will be installed and across the bottom of the tunnel there will be a new full width steel plate walkway. The existing handrails will also be painted.

“I think these are all worthwhile improvements, which residents and visitors will appreciate. I hope this will increase public safety at the level crossing by making the pedestrian underpass more user friendly. Hopefully these improvements will put an end to the underpass as a smelly, ill lit and grubby place to be avoided.”