Vandals target community property

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VANDALS struck in Carnoustie over the weekend damaging community property.

The bright red noticeboard attached to Community councillor Kirsty MacDonald’s front gate has been a local fixture for more years than anyone cares to remember.

However, on Saturday night, one or more vandals tore down the notices and adverts that have become such a focal point for community activities.

She said: “Half of the posters were hauled down, ditched on the pavement and torn.

“The noticeboard was put up years ago to advertise an event, but it was so popular it just became the community noticeboard.

“Everybody uses it, and all the time groups ask to put things on it.

“People really like it.”

Also at some point on Saturday night, a vandal or vandals tore down the hanging basket outside Burrell’s pharmacy in Dundee Street.

The basket was one of many that Carnoustie Community Council have installed as part of their continued mission to keep Carnoustie looking beautiful.

Kirsty said: “The hanging basket was hauled down completely from outside Burrells’ premises and it was found a bit further along the road where I retrieved it on Sunday.”

Fellow community councillor Ed Oswald accompanied Kirsty on Tuesday morning when the pair repaired and re-instated the basket outside the pharmacist.

He described it as “sheer vandalism” and was upset that a small minority appeared to take pleasure in attempts to improve the lives of other residents.

He added: “It’s rather sad isn’t it?

“There seems to be a lot of residents and organisations who go out of their way to improve the town and then there are these anti-social people who like to make things awkward.”