Varied programme at latest meeting of Arbroath Speakers’ Club

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First to speak at Arbroath Speakers’ Club last week was Jackie Stewart who chose ‘Adventures Automobiles François’ as the title of her heartfelt love/hate relationships with French cars over a long number of years.

This was followed by a reading from food writer Elizabeth David’s ‘French Provincial Cooking’, chosen by Lis Hill.

Jim Ratcliffe’s speech, an exercise in the art of word pictures, clearly conveyed the details of his life-long love affair with IConta and other cameras past and present.

Taking as his title ‘Life’s Little Mysteries’ John Winterton claimed, not for the first time, to be totally confused by the illogicality of the world of women and other paradoxes.

Topics chairman Duncan Stewart used metals as his theme. This apparently simple subject tested the ability of Eric Buick, Alastair Rodger, Jim Christie, Robert Hill, Katie Webster and Robert Peat to demonstrate their prowess in the art of impromptu speaking for up to three minutes.

The speeches were evaluated by Eric Buick, Robert Ramsay, Jim Christie and Alastair Rodger. Mary Law summed up the evening with a very positive general evaluation.

The next meeting of the Arbroath Speakers’ Club is an open night at the Meadowbank, Arbroath, on Thursday. Building on the success of last year’s event, anyone interested in coming along for a taster session should arrive at the venue for a 7.30 p.m. start.

For more information contact the secretary on 01241 852630 or email