VC plaques in place for Remembrance Sunday?

TWO CARNOUSTIE war heroes will soon be honoured fittingly the Royal British Legion hopes.

Plaques honouring the courage of Victoria Cross winners Lance Corporal Charles Jarvis and Petty Officer George McKenzie Samson are set to be rededicated soon.

The bronze plaques which for many years had been set in walls at Samson Place and Jarvis Place were sent off to be cleaned two years ago.

Now, despite some setbacks it is hoped the kindness of a local business will see them replaced in time for Remembrance Day.

The plaques were intended to be set in a rock from the Ardownie quarry run by Arbroath firm, the Geddes Group.

However, when Angus Council workers came to deliver the volcanic rock it split in half along a flaw.

Vice-chairman of the Carnoustie branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland, Lindsay Martin, said: “Through the goodness of Geddes, they are making a gift of the stone to the British Legion, and we will go and choose another huge stone which one of their masons will work on. It’s very, very decent of Mr Geddes to do this.

“We will hopefully try and get this in place before Remembrance Day so the Legion’s own padre, Canon Douglas Mckay, can perform the rededication ceremony.

“Things are moving. I am hoping to get up to the quarry next week to choose the stone.”

There is still some debate as to where the plaques will go, Mr Martin explained that the previous site, set in a wall, was out of the question.

He said: “It wasn’t going to be acceptable to have people standing outside paying their respects and staring into people’s living rooms.”

Community councillor Kirsty MacDonald added: “We are hoping to site the stone in front of the pensioner’s houses. The plaques have been cleaned and they look beautiful.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council is currently in discussions with the British Legion, who have been very helpful in taking forward this project, as to the most fitting location for the remembrance stone, and will also discuss the matter with local residents and local elected members.

“The stone is being examined to decide on the best way to sculpt it and the council’s landscape team will create an area design to ensure that it will be protected.

“There will be an unveiling ceremony once all the work is completed and a retelling of the heroic story of both Mr Jarvis and Mr Samson.”

Lance Corporal Jarvis (33), 57th Field Company, Royal Engineers, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at the Battle of Mons in August, 1914, when he demolished a bridge while under heavy German fire for an hour and half.

Petty Officer George McKenzie Samson (26), Royal Naval Reserve, won his Victoria Cross after rescuing and treating dozens of his comrades aboard the HMS Clyde during the disastrous amphibious assault at V Beach in Gallipoli on April 25, 1915.