VIDEO: Generous joiners launched on Lifeboat

A team of charitably-minded joiners took to the High Seas tonight (Tuesday) courtesy of Arbroath Lifeboat Crew as a thank you for their recent generosity.

The volunteer RNLI crew took the team from Howdens Joinery out on the lifeboat as a thank you after the firm donated a new kitchen for their crew room at Arbroath Lifeboat Shed.

The kitchen was then fitted by one of the volunteers who is also a joiner.

Kevin McGurk, general manager at Howdens Joinery based at the Elliot Industrial Estate explained how the donation came about. He said: “Howdens are big on their local charities and we get a budget every year to help local charities.

“We’re proud to give back to the community, especially to the lifeboat, which is such a big part of Arbroath’s community.”

Lifeboat coxswain Tommy Yule expressed thanks on behalf of the crew, who were all delighted by the kind donation,

According to Tommy the crew room was in dire need of new facilities. He said: “What we had before was ready to fall apart and now we’ve got this brand new up-to-date kitchen!

“We get a lot of visitors to the Lifeboat Shed and it’s nice to be able to offer them a hot drink, or to warm up with a cup of tea after a cold night at sea.”

As a thank you the volunteers took the Howdens team out on the lifeboat, our video shows the launch from the lifeboat shed.