VIDEO: Smokies get creative juices pumping for Wildheart

ARBROATH has been getting the creative juices flowing this week of an international rock legend.

Ginger Wildheart, founder of rock band The Wildhearts, was a guest at the Harbour Nights Guesthouse on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Throughout their 25-year career The Wildhearts have enjoyed consistent success in the rock world and have also on several occasions translated this into chart hits with singles like ‘Caffeine Bomb’ and ‘Sick of Drugs’.

Ginger took time out from his visit to explain what brought him to Arbroath.

He said: “I’m here for two days, I planned on staying a day and then I went and fell in love with the place and decided to take my day off here.

“I’m doing a countrywide journey of inspiration from Merseyside anti-clockwise round the entire coast of Britain and I made some time up.

“There were a few places in the south of England that were just horrible. They were just concrete and pedestrianised.

“I made up a good few hours and decided to take a day off in the first place in Scotland that made me feel creative, and Arbroath it was.”

Shortly after our interview @GingerWildheart tweeted: “First complete set of edited lyrics finished. This is the point that says “everything is going to be okay”. I love this.”

Ginger has already sampled a few of Arbroath’s delights. He said: “I plan to get my body in shape because we’re going on tour with the Darkness later this year.

“I was running on Seaton Cliffs, that was pretty hairy and it certainly woke me up!

“And I had my first Arbroath Smokie, it’s great! I enjoyed it so much I had Bill [Adams, owner of Harbour Nights] make me another one!

“At Harbour Nights I got such a lovely welcome and it’s such a fascinating place. You don’t get a welcome like this very often.”

Mainly, though, Arbroath reminds Ginger of his home town of South Shields. He said: “I’m from a little fishing place too, Arbroath just smacks of home for me. It’s a lot like a home from home, from me mam to Arbroath.”

Ginger and The Wildhearts will be touring later this year. For more information visit