VIDEO: Wrestlers get to grips with contest

A CARNOUSTIE wrestling club is appealing for sponsors to help host a competition which could attract entrants from all over Scotland and North East England.

Frazer Hirsch, founder of the Carnoustie Backhold Wrestling Club, is in the midst of organising a traditional Scottish backhold wrestling competition for all ages and levels in Carnoustie Leisure Centre on April 7.

Backhol Wrestling Club training in the BB Hall Carnoustie on Wednesday evening.

Backhol Wrestling Club training in the BB Hall Carnoustie on Wednesday evening.

Frazer said: “We’ve still got some weight categories to be confirmed, but we hope it will cover Scotland and the North East.”

There are a number of sponsorship roles that the club need to fill either through local businesses or organisations, including a main sponsor, a facility hire sponsor and a First Aid sponsor, and there are also opportunities for advertising in the event programme.

The competition will be open to wrestlers from the six other Backhold Wrestling clubs in Scotland, totalling about 150 members, and a similar number from the North East of England.

Frazer has nearly two decades of experience in the sport and is keen to promote a style of wrestling which is seldom seen outside Highland Games.

He said: “My goal is to get the kids active first of all and introduce the sport to them and then if they want to take Scottish Backhold to another level they can go off and do that.

“Wrestling has taken me all over the world, from as far away as the middle of Asia to all over Europe and I’ve picked up both the British and European championships. I wanted other kids to have those opportunities too.”

In February Frazer was in France where he won the 90 kilo category of the Open Championship and in April he will be jetting off to Iceland to contest the European Championships.

At the moment there are around 25 younsgters between the ages of four and 12 regularly attending the class in the Maule Street BB hall on a Wednesday evening.

Frazer stressed the fact that technique is often more important than size or brute strength in backhold wrestling, and pointed out that his daughter, Ayley, takes part, little over a year after she and her sister Chloe underwent operations to correct the effects of cerebral palsy.

He said: “It’s a traditional style of wrestling, Scottish Backhold, and it’s been recorded as far back as the sixth or eighth centuries.

“It’s nothing like that WWF nonsense. This is quite a technical sport with a variety of different holds to train in.

“It’s quite technical, but you can sometimes see guys who are 10 stone throwing guys who are 18 stone. It’s quite technical and that’s why we train so much.”

Anyone interested in sponsoring the competition or joining the club can contact Frazer on 07828122985 or via the Carnoustie Backhold Wrestling Club.