Volunteer and help make a difference

Joyce Beattie.
Joyce Beattie.

Angus Carers Centre’s vision is that all carers in Angus will receive appropriate information and support to enable them to feel valued and confident in their caring situation and to develop their own potential.

Volunteers play a vital role in achieving this vision on a daily basis by supporting the services that Angus Carers provide.

Richard Ransley.

Richard Ransley.

At present there are over 70 volunteers who contribute in many varied aspects of the centre’s work - from serving as Directors on the Board of Management to the people that come in and mail out the quarterly newsletter.

There are lots of reasons to volunteer - to gain new skills or add to existing ones, to give something back or to meet new people.

All enjoy it and however little time you have - even two hours a month - you could volunteer and help to make a difference, to not only the life of a carer but your own.

Volunteers are ordinary people just like you.

Here is a sample of some of the volunteers and what they have to say about volunteering for Angus Carers Centre in their own words;

Joan Park - carer and volunteer with Angus Carers Centre: “Personally, I found caring was the hardest job I ever had and the Angus Carers Centre is there for carers, offering information, advice, support and even outings.

“When I retired three years ago I became a volunteer and was matched with a young woman who I visit weekly for coffee, shopping or just a blether. As a

carer I was invited to join the Board of Directors, which I have found interesting, working as part of a team for the benefit of all carers in Angus.

“I advertise Angus Carers Centre regularly to friends and neighbours to join up as I think it is a great charity.”

Irene Hughes - volunteer - “I started volunteering with Angus Carers over three years ago, primarily doing office cover. I have also been involved with fund-raising for the organisation, raising funds through bingo nights etc. which have proved to be very popular and good fun.

“My involvement has also included family days with young carers at Monikie Country Park. I find great satisfaction in supporting Angus Carers.”

Leanne Scott - Young Carers volunteer: “I started volunteering with the Angus Young Carers Service in February this year. One of the best decisions I have ever made!

“I am really enjoying it and feel very privileged to work with both the young carers and the workers at the weekly group. The reason why I started volunteering is that I would like to make a difference to other people’s lives and contribute to our community.