Want to take up a new sport? Try curling!

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In the first of our series ‘Under The Spotlight’ we take a look at the curling scene in our area and how you can get involved.

This week a spokesperson for Panmure Curling Club takes to the floor to explain the ins and outs of the game.

He said: “The origins of curling are lost in the mists of time but it is most certainly a Scottish sport.

“It is also very popular in other Northern hemisphere countries where very cold winters provide the basic requirement for the game – a stretch of frozen water!

“However, the advent of indoor rinks has somewhat curtailed the outdoor Bonspiels – not to mention Health and Safety issues.”

He continued: “It should be noted that this is not an activity for the ‘Old Dears Brigade’! Each player in the team of four delivers two stones in each of eight ends.

“With the exception of the Skip the other two players have to keep pace with the stone and sweep the ice in front to clear any potential impediments however small.

“This should ensure that the stone is delivered to the correct spot. Sweepers have to be rather fast and nimble on their feet - otherwise there will be a somewhat unhappy Skip!”

There are a number of clubs locally in Monifieth, Carnoustie and Arbroath and there are ice rinks at Dundee (01382 889369) and Forfar (01307 468668). The season runs from approximately late September to the end of March and an evening session costs about £11 for two hours.

If you would like to a taster contact one of the ice rinks to find out when their coaching sessions take place.

Most clubs also host a number of social occasions throughout the year, such as dinners, summer barbecues and other friendly get-togethers

To contact Panmure Curling Club, which is based in Carnoustie, call Shirley Jeans on 01382 370629.