War Memorial lights back on

LOCAL activist Eddie Wilmott has expressed his disappointment at the way repairs to the architectural lighting at Carnoustie War Memorial have dragged on.

The lights went out before Christmas and a repair was finalised just this week.

Speaking on Friday, Mr Wilmott stated: “You will be aware of my disappointment that, after all this time, the architectural lights at Carnoustie War Memorial are still not functioning!”

On Tuesday, Councillor Brian Boyd said: “It is disappointing that this may drag on for a while.

“It’s sad to see the War Memorial that had commemorative plaques unveiled by the Princess Royal only two months ago in darkness.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council commented: “There have been problems with the Carnoustie War Memorial lights since December and council staff have been working closely with the power company to rectify the faults.

“In mid-December, a fault was discovered on one of the light fittings which caused the time clock to fail and the system to trip as a safety measure. The lights were switched off as a safety precaution while investigations were under way and the faulty parts replaced.

“An underground cable fault was discovered last week and this was repaired, but unfortunately a further fault developed with another light fittings connection box. This box has now been replaced and the lights are fully operational today (Wednesday).

“The council is looking at a scheme to replace the lighting and wiring to the site and it is hoped this work will be completed by the end of March.

“We apologise for the inconvenience these ongoing electrical problems have caused to those who visit the War Memorial.”