Westfield Park wins award

CARNOUSTIE developers are keen to highlight the importance of home safety after a new housing project received a crime reduction certificate.

Westfield Park in Carnoustie has recently achieved certification from the Secured by Design awarding body for 22 houses in the latest phase of the project’s development.

Architect John Cullen, who has been with Voigt Partnership in Arbroath for over 20 years, feels that the importance of designing safety into projects has been over-looked in the public-eye.

He said: “Most housing associations have to achieve the standards set out in the Secured by Design guidelines.

“We think it is really something that needs the public’s attention.”

Karen Nicoll, a director at DJ Laing Ltd, the contractor for the Westfield Park development said of the award: “We are just pleased it has been awarded to us and for the recognition of the importance of designing safety into homes.

“We hope to continue working in partnership with Angus Housing Association in providing affordable housing in our home town.”

The houses are all two and three bedroomed semi-detached villas. Karen explained: “We aim to ensure safe amenity for residents by installing fencing to prevent easy access to properties and by fitting things like secured doors and security chains.”

“By incorporating these features into the design and carrying them out during the construction process it is much easier to make the homes safe than a ready built home where the additions are made later.”

Secured by Design is a scheme that helps to reduce anti-social behaviour by ensuring that architectural designs screen out potential weaknesses in houses and create an open neighbourhood free from dingy alleys and dark corners.

Claire Taylor, Crime Reduction Officer for Eastern Division said: “One of Tayside Police’s objectives is to ensure our communities are safe and feel safe.

“To help achieve this we work in partnership with a number of statutory and voluntary bodies and organisations, including the business sector, to reduce crime.

“Secure by Design is very much part of that process as we work with local social housing providers, Angus Council, architects and builders using the principles of crime prevention through environmental design.”