What is killing our plant life?

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A Carnoustie man with an interest in botany contacted the Guide & Gazette recently to highlight a disturbing pattern of dying vegetation.

Alan Brunton, a final year medical student at the University of Aberdeen, first noticed the browning foliage around his home around a month ago.

The foliage is particularly badly affected along Arbroath Road, Broadlands and parts of High Street. Alan explained: “The damage is always on the east side of the hedges and trees and seems to be something airborne.”

“It’s frightening to think that this stuff has been carried by air and that means we have been breathing this stuff in. In a time when we are trying to be healthy it’s just not a nice thing to know is being blown about.”

Alan frequently travels to Aberdeen for his studies and has noticed the damage has spread beyond the confines of Carnoustie. He said: “It’s all the way up to at least Aberdeen, not even just on roadsides but definitely worst near the coast and always worst on east facing sides. This means it is a national problem and coming from the east. Something has maybe happened in the Norway direction and been carried on the wind. This makes it unlikely, but not impossible, to be herbicide, an environmental contaminant seems more